Lee Ann Walling has led or worked on a variety of initiatives focused on sustainability: policies, projects, redevelopment, incentives, even a college curriculum. Here is a sampling of her projects, initiatives and accomplishments.


Bridgeville Comprehensive Plan

Cedar Creek Planning and Communications researched, wrote and designed the Town of Bridgeville’s comprehensive plan. Towns are required to update their plans every 10 years. Read more

Laurel Comprehensive Plan

Laurel’s updated 10-year comprehensive plan was approved by the Mayor and Council in October 2017. Cedar Creek Planners prepared the draft and final plan over two years.

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Downtown Development District

In August 2016, former Governor Markell designated Laurel’s core commercial and historic area as a Downtown Development District. Cedar Creek Planners prepared the town’s application.

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Scorecard for healthy living

Nemours Children’s Health System, Division of Health & Prevention Services, has long been involved in childhood obesity issues and policy in Delaware.

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Working Waterfronts

Lee Ann works with the University of Delaware’s Sustainable Coastal Communities program on its Working Waterfronts Initiative. The first project she completed was for the Town of Leipsic.

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Bridgeville-Greenwood master plan

Cedar Creek and the University of Delaware’s Sustainable Coastal Communities Initiative collaborated on a “doable” master plan emphasizing water quality.

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DNREC LEED certification

Lee Ann was charged with managing the LEED certification of the Richardson and Robbins Building, a 19th century cannery in downtown Dover.

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Fort DuPont redevelopment

DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara assigned Lee Ann to manage the master plan for the Historic Fort DuPont Complex. Fort DuPont is a National Historic District that dates to the Civil War.

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Gordons Pond trail

An improved trail through a remote section of Cape Henlopen State Park was an initiative that had been alternatively debated and dropped for more than two decades.

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Livable Delaware

Livable Delaware was the signature initiative of Governor Ruth Ann Minner’s first term.  It was a sustainable land-use agenda that promoted thoughtful growth.

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Green for Green

In the depths of the recession, Lee Ann worked with home builders to design a green-building incentive program that jump-started a dormant housing market.
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Telling the story

Most attempts to introduce citizens and legislators to water pollution are loaded with jargon and overly technical. Most people don’t even think of “nutrients” as bad for you.
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