Livable Delaware

Livable Delaware

Livable Delaware was the signature initiative of Governor Ruth Ann Minner’s first term. ┬áIt was a sustainable land-use agenda that promoted thoughtful growth.

Lee Ann was considered the “architect” of Livable Delaware while serving as the Governor’s Senior Advisor. She developed the elements of the agenda and related legislation and policies. During Governor Minner’s first term, Livable Delaware led to stronger controls over rampant annexations; the adoption of comprehensive plans by almost every local government in Delaware; expanded funding for open space, aglands and forest preservation; increased funding for brownfields redevelopment; and more strenuous state review of development plans.

The Livable Delaware agenda helped local governments foot the bill for developing or updating their comprehensive plans, created publications such as “Better Models for Development in Delaware,” championed Transfer of Development Rights and anti-sprawl legislation, and guided more development throughout the state to local governments’ “growth zones.”


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