Community analytics

Cedar Creek has access to analytic tools that help a community understand its neighborhood and neighbors. Lee Ann has done several analyses for towns and churches in Delaware, using premium geographic analysis tools such as ESRI’s Community Analyst and its Tapestry Segmentation, which describes the demographic, lifestyles and habits of different groups within a defined area (census tract, zip code, drive-time area). This data is presented using maps and user-friendly infographics.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Harrington

“Who is Our Neighbor?” Working with the Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, Lee Ann analyzed Census and Geographic Information Systems data to develop the presentation below for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Harrington – describing the people who live within a 15-minute drive time of the parish.

St. Martha’s, Bethany Beach Parish Profile

In January 2021, Lee AnnĀ  completed a parish profile for St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Bethany Beach, Delaware. She generated demographic and marketing data from ESRI Community Analyst to paint a picture of the people who live within a 15-minute drive time of the church. The interactive infographics below were created and included in the digital profile.

The infographics below the presentation are interactive. If you click on various numbers and icons, you will have access to even more information.



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