Project websites

Lee Ann working on the Capital Ringers’ website she designed.

Lee Ann has built more than 25 WordPress websites for churches, community planning projects, nonprofits and other clients. She is a certified web and graphic designer, commuting from Sussex County to the Delaware College of Art and Design in downtown Wilmington over four years of night classes.

She has rebuilt her own church’s website,, four times.

In 2019, she designed and built a new website for The Capital Ringers, a handbell ensemble to which she belongs; she actively maintains that site. She also created a website for the nonprofit Laurel Redevelopment Corporation. In 2020, she designed and built a new beach-flavored website for St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Her website development is now mostly project-oriented. Websites are built to bring awareness of a comprehensive plan, community revitalization, or nonprofit endeavor and to promote engagement. Those projects included a website supporting the search for Delaware’s Episcopal Bishop, for Leipsic’s Oyster Festival, for Bridgeville’s comprehensive plan, and for the revitalization of the Town of Laurel. Except for the Reimagine Laurel website (which she is thoroughly updating in 2021), these project websites served their purpose and were dismantled.

She often develops social media such as Facebook and Twitter feeds to drive traffic to the website. She has created discussion boards, online surveys and produced videos to include on the websites.

Because of her graphic design expertise, she designs graphic elements and visual features that individualize websites and avoids that cookie-cutter WordPress look and feel.