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Lee Ann Walling, AICP and LEED AP

Cedar Creek Sustainable Planning Services is committed to facilitating growth that values community character and natural assets while thoughtfully envisioning the future.

member_blkThe principal, Lee Ann Walling, has a unique mix of expertise as a planner, strategic thinker and communicator.  She is Delaware’s first LEED Accredited Professional with the Neighborhood Development specialty (LEED AP ND) and also earned the Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenace (O+M) specialty.  She also has a substantive professional background in communications as a former journalist and certified web and graphic designer. And she has leadership and political experience at the highest levels of state government.

As the former Chief of Planning for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, she understands the value of well planned communities and development and the implications for our land, air, water and habitat.

Here is a a one-page synopsis of her resume and approach.

A powerful blend of planning, political and presentation skills.

That's a lot of alliteration, but it's all true. Patently.