Walling GP
Cedar Creek Sustainable Planning Services include:

        • Comprehensive and master plans that emphasize sustainable growth – neighborhood, community, municipality, county
      • LEED certification, especially Neighborhood Development (ND) and Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EBOM)
      • Charrette planning and execution (National Charrette Institute certified)
      • Public and stakeholder outreach
      • GIS mapping, analysis and web applications such as story maps
        • Advocacy on behalf of sustainability, community and our natural resources
          • Natural resources planning
          • Related strategic communication – written, graphic, web, video, visual presentation and social media
          • Environmental and sustainability education and policy

    All this and multimedia expertise, too

    Video, graphic design, social media, web design

    • Cedar Creek’s philosophy

      Sustainable growth simply means planning for the future while taking a long and thoughtful view both backward and forward.

      Will we work to keep what makes our places special so that our successors -- including our children and grandchildren -- will be able to live, work and play there, enjoying those same qualities that we value now?

      Will we build on our existing community and its character, revitalize a distressed neighborhood, or plan carefully for new growth?

      Community means that we have some degree of interdependence with and responsibility to each other. We don't view our own personal set of rights as absolute. When we live together that way, we tend to be more prone to value the historic, cultural and natural assets of our surroundings.

      If you are interested in creative and sustainable approaches to building community, Cedar Creek can be a valuable partner.