About Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Planning and Communications is owned by Lee Ann Walling, whose cumulative professional experiences have taken her to a place where she can focus on what she truly enjoys:  Helping new and existing communities become great places to live, work and play while planning thoughtfully for the future. The discipline of developing and building sustainably yields economic as well as quality of life benefits. She believes in responsible stewardship for the resoources with which we have been entrusted.

Lee Ann is Delaware’s first LEED Accredited Professional with the Neighborhood Development specialty, which means she understands the principles and metrics that make communities complete and livable.  She also is a LEED AP for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) and is a planner credentialed by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).


At the end of a 305-mile bike trip along the Great Allegheny Passage and C and O Canal Trail, July 2014.

Before founding Cedar Creek, Lee Ann was Chief of Planning for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.  Previously, she worked in the Office of Governor Ruth Ann Minner as senior advisor and policy advisor for environmental and quality of life issues.  From 2001-2002, she functioned as Governor’s Minner’s Chief of Staff.  She conceived and implemented the Governor’s Livable Delaware land-use agenda and advocated for the passage of several related pieces of legislation, testifying on the floors of both the Senate and the House.

She understands politics on a statewide level and the regulatory machinery of DNREC.  But because she was a broadcast and print journalist in a previous life, she never lost her skepticism and discontent with the status quo.  In short, she didn’t make a very good bureaucrat.

At DNREC, she worked with programs, engineers, scientists and planners in every division to coordinate the Department’s response to development projects and local government comprehensive plans.  She also was assigned by the Secretary to work on high-profile projects such as the Gordons Pond trail in Cape Henlopen State Park, the redevelopment of the Historic Fort DuPont complex, and the creation of Conservation Opportunity Areas to highlight and prioritize Delaware’s most ecologically sensitive and valuable areas.

She has unique skills for writing, presentation, graphics and video production — earning certificates in web and graphic design from the Delaware College of Art and Design in 2012.  She built this website.  She also earned an MBA from the University of Delaware in 1999.

Lee Ann’s interests include photography, electric guitar, digital piano, reading, and learning new things – such as studying for and achieving her FAA drone pilot certification.

  • Cedar Creek’s philosophy

    Sustainable growth simply means planning for the future while taking a long and thoughtful view both backward and forward.

    Will we work to keep what makes our places special so that our successors -- including our children and grandchildren -- will be able to live, work and play there, enjoying those same qualities that we value now?

    Will we build on our existing community and its character, revitalize a distressed neighborhood, or plan carefully for new growth?

    Community means that we have some degree of interdependence with and responsibility to each other. We don't view our own personal set of rights as absolute. When we live together that way, we tend to be more prone to value the historic, cultural and natural assets of our surroundings.

    If you are interested in creative and sustainable approaches to building community, Cedar Creek can be a valuable partner.