Town of Bridgeville plan

Cedar Creek Planning and Communications researched, wrote and designed the Town of Bridgeville’s comprehensive plan. Towns are required to update their plans every 10 years.

The town’s engineering firm, Davis Bowen & Friedel, hired Lee Ann as a subcontracting planner to prepare the plan. As part of the public engagement effort, Lee Ann created a website, (no longer active) and prepared an online survey. She also shot photos and aerial images to tell the story. Information and updates were posted to the town’s Facebook account.

The plan, called “One Bridgeville,” reflects many of the issues that came forward during research, demographic number-crunching and interviews with town leaders, residents and business owners. While it meets the State of Delaware’s requirements for a comprehensive plan, One Bridgeville also is a blueprint for helping the town recognize and meet its challenges and endure as a united community.

Bridgeville’s Town Commission voted unanimously to adopt the plan in September 2018. View the adopted plan:

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