Town of Laurel Plan

An advisory team helped develop guiding principles for the Town of Laurel’s 10-year comprehensive plan.

Laurel’s updated 10-year comprehensive plan was approved by the Mayor and Council in October 2017. Cedar Creek Planners prepared the draft and final plan over two years.

Lee Ann conducted extensive stakeholder interviews and an online survey that collected 355 responses. She worked with a Laurel Plan Advisory Team appointed by Laurel Town Council to review plan requirements and concepts and, most importantly, develop a set of guiding principles that would organize plan recommendations and guide council decisions into the future.

While the state has a detailed checklist for comprehensive plans, Lee Ann wanted to make the plan relevant to the town, its leaders and its citizens. It incorporates several other sets of reports and recommendations in which Cedar Creek Planners was involved, such as Chesapeake/Nanticoke water quality, nature and heritage tourism, the Downtown Development District plan, and The Ramble waterfront redevelopment initiatives.

The plan was funded by a state Neighborhood Building Blocks grant.